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"Doing what's good for kids" is the primary focus of the instructional program at LCSD.  Whether it's finding new ways to help primary students read or creating new curriculum units which will engage a high school student's higher order thinking skills, the faculty and staff of this district are continually striving to reach all students.  The World Wide Web is replete with resources for helping these staff members attain both educational and professional goals and the following list represents a fraction of those available.
Planning Resources
LCSD Lesson/Unit Planning Guide A comprehensive guide to planning units and individual lessons.
Curriculum Resources
K-6 Resources A compilation of links devoted to K-6 grade curriculum.
7-12 Resources A compilation of links devoted to 7-12 grade curriculum.
NYS Standards/Benchmarks Download complete resource guides for each of the seven standards.
Topic Specific Resources
Working on the work: Summer ELA Resources for evaluating and creating ELA units.
Data Driven Decision Making tools A compilation of useful links to help you use data for teaching and learning.
Homework Help Need tips to completing homework assignments?  Start here.
Study Skills A necessity for success in Jr./Sr. HS.
LCSD Research Page A helpful guide for conducting research projects.
Using Videos in the Classroom Links to online resources and related articles.
Using Primary Resources A compilation of links which can be used to locate primary source information for developing DBQs.
Using technology to promote higher order thinking Resources from a technology workshop offered by LCSD tech team.

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