Althoughit is expected that seventh graders will master the focus correction areas at some point during the year, there is no guarantee that a FCA will have been taught at any particular time in the year.  Unless you plan to teach the skill before writing, see Mrs. Crane if you want to be sure that seventh graders will know the skill you wish to feature in an assignment!

Three capitalizing issues are sometimes problems for seventh graders.

v     Capitalize names of school subjects in sentences only if they are names of languages or if they include a number.


social studies
Social Studies 7

v     Capitalize breeds of animals only if they are related to proper nouns or proper adjectives:


French poodle
German shepherd
basset hound
Dalmatian (from an area on the coast of Italy)
golden retriever
boa constrictor
reticulated giraffe

v     Capitalize words that show family relationship only if they are used in place of names:


This is my aunt.
If Aunt Clara were here, we would have to wash our ears.
I love you, Mommy.
I gave my mommy the photograph of the author.

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