Loan of District Technology Equipment

In an effort to promote technology skill development among district faculty and staff, employees of the LCSD are allowed to borrow district-owned equipment during extended vacations.  It is necessary however, that such loans be on record and that equipment be returned either at the end of the vacation or upon request of someone from the Technology Services Department.  Note: digital cameras will be available for check out during the summer months through Woodward Memorial Library.  There is a two-week loan period on this equipment unless someone else makes an earlier request.

It is also understood that the equipment will be returned in the same working condition in which it was borrowed, allowing for reasonable “wear and tear” due to normal use.  The borrower assumes responsibility for any loss or damage beyond reasonable use.  See reverse side for checkout procedure.

Staff Responsible for Equipment:
Name:  _______________________  Grade and Room Number: _________________
Address:  _____________________________  Phone (Home):  __________________
Equipment Type:  _______________________________________________________
Model:  _______________________  Serial Number: ___________________________

Date Taking Equipment: __________________________________________________________
Date Expected to Return Equipment:

Please state in writing your purpose, goal, project, or research reasons with using this equipment. Evidence of increased use of technology in the classroom will be required.



I will personally be financially responsible for computer replacement if broken, stolen or lost.

___________________________                               _________________________
Signature of Staff Taking Equipment                                        Date

__________________________                                   _________________________
Building Principal                                                                     Date    


  1. Complete the form on the reverse.
  2. Turn it into one of the labs or Debby Baker’s mailbox. 
  3. Note: While printers may be checked out, you may not take the cartridges home.  Also, we cannot supply drivers for individual printers.
  4. Equipment must be returned to the lab or your classroom on or before the expected date.  Do not leave equipment in one of the main offices.