Le Roy Central School Student Survey


Name: (optional)

How many people (including you) live in your house?
How many working computers are there in your house?
If the computer(s) in your house is/are connected to the Internet, how is/are it/they connected?
Where is the computer you usually work on located?
How many hours/day do you spend doing homework? (outside of school)
How many hours/day do you spend doing homework on the computer  (out of school)?
Check all the of the classes for which you used computers this year. English/LAHistoryExploratoryForeign Lang.

ScienceMathPhys.EdBusiness Class

Which of the following do you usually use the computer for the most when using it to complete your homework?
How many hours/day do you spend watching TV?
Which of the following do you own/use regularly (Check all that apply): MP3 player (iPod, other)
Cell phone
Walkman/CD player
PDA (Palm, Pocket PC)
Video camera
Digital camera
Other, specify:
How many hours/day do you spend on the computer doing NON school work?
How would you rate your overall ability to use technology?
What programs are you familiar with?
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Moviemaker
What other types of activities do you use the computer for (check all that apply): Instant Messaging
Internet research - CD Rom, Internet
Manipulating digital pictures
Downloading music/videos
Pod casting
Wordprocessing (Using Microsoft Word)
Creating multimedia (Using PowerPoint, etc)
Taking online polls
Are you a registered user on any websites?
How do you receive information from this site?
What types of sites are you registered with?
Do you have your own web page? (My Space)
Do you have your own blog?
Do you belong to any listservs?
Which listservs do you belong to? (specify)
Do you use your cell phone to send text messages to friends?
Do you participate in text message voting?   (i.e. American Idol, etc.)
Do you regularly communicate with people whom you have only met online?
If yes, what do you communicate about? Music, Movies, etc.
Arrange Meetings
Personal Information - Password, etc
To Bully or Threaten Someone                           


Please identify the following: LOL




Have you ever pretended to be someone else online? 
Who did you pretend to be?  Your friend, someone older, younger, etc.?

Thank you for filling out this survey!