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In an effort to stay current with all aspects of technology planning, the following links are being provided for both the technology committee members as well as other interested persons.   Planning for the use of technology in any school district is an ongoing process.   With the continual changes in the field, as well as the need to keep apprised of any research in the field, it is essential that committee members have access to current information.  The following list of web sites and publications are recommended readings for anyone interested in the use of technology in the educational setting.
The CEO Forum The CEO Forum on Education and Technology was founded to help ensure that every child in the United States is equipped with the essential technological, critical thinking, and communications skills necessary to compete in the 21st century. This site provides a model for assessing the level of technology use in a school or district.
The Technology Planning Guide Produced by Apple Computer, this site guides the user through a six step process of planning for technology use in schools.   The site offers templates and other resources designed to help teachers maintain focus on teaching and learning.
The International Society for Technologies in Education ISTE is a primary developer and publisher of national technology standards and has developed recommendations for teacher prep programs..
NCRTec Guiding Questions for Technology Planning. Published by the North Central Regional Education Laboratory.
The Costs and Effectiveness of Educational Technology: Proceedings of a Workshop Whitepapers summarizing this presentation.


Office of Educational Technology Includes .pdf documents on evaluating the effectiveness of technology use in schools.
Porter, B. (1999). Grappling with accountability: Resource tools for organizing and assessing technology for student results. Explores the issues surrounding the evaluation of technology use in schools and provides a framework for assessing its impact.
Educational Technology Impact Studies: Case Studies and Web Resources This site presents 14 case studies, profiles of technology projects in different educational settings, links to technology resources, and other information on the uses, evaluation, and growth of technology in education.
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