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The Le Roy Central School District is committed to providing its students with a well-rounded, complete education which will prepare them to lead productive, adult lives.  Technology plays an important role in that preparation.  In addition to offering a variety of technology-specific courses, the District also maintains several computer labs, classroom workstations, and a variety of peripherals.  These tools enable students and teachers to enhance their productivity, communicate, and gather and disseminate information, all necessary skills in today's world.

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Survey Results

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Internet Safety

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bullet.jpg (834 bytes)Mrs.Nicoll's 2006 NYSCATE Podcasting Presentation


Technology Links

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bullet.jpg (834 bytes) How to Buy MS Office with the education discount (Note: LCSD is no longer able to provide employees w/a Use at Home version of Office.  As a district employee, you are eligible to purchase it at a deep discount.  Follow the links to order your copy today.)



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