Web Page Policy for the Le Roy Central School District

This document describes the rules and guidelines that govern the preparation, use, and maintenance of the Le Roy Central School web site.

I. Web Page Purpose

The availability of Internet access at Le Roy Central School provides an opportunity for students and staff to inform the world about our school. It can be used to inform parents of school activities, to encourage learning by participation in its development and to show everyone the integrity of our academic environment. Doing so furthers the success of our Mission Statement.

The District will create and maintain a web site for the following purposes:

  • ® To support the Districtís mission
  • ® To provide the community with information about the District and its schools
  • ® To provide students and the community with support for learning
  • ® To serve as a channel for feedback from students, families, and the community; and
  • ® To serve as a communication tool regarding classroom activities for students and their families.

II. Criteria

In addition to compliance with other Board Policies and Regulations, web pages posted on the Districtís web site must adhere to the following criteria:

A web page may be posted for educational, informational and/or promotional purposes by:

  • ® A district-sanctioned student organization, extra-curricular group or athletic team;
  • ® A District or building-level sanctioned committee
  • ® An instructional department
  • ® District administration
  • ® A classroom teacher for his/her classroom
  • ® Web sites/pages created by school groups, extracurricular organizations, athletic organizations, or departments must include the name of the responsible staff member. They must adhere to the overall purpose of District web site.
  • ® Web sites/pages content may include school related material such as student work, school and department news, events and activities, calendars, class work, and assignments.
  • ® Neither staff nor students may publish personal web pages as part of the Districtís web presence.
  • ® All links to all pages must meet legal, moral and ethical standards of the school district and be in the best interest of the district. All information must adhere to copyright laws.
  • ® All documents or information on the Web page must conform to the standards for instructional resources/materials established in district policy and/or regulations.
  • ® Any links to other Web sites must include a disclaimer indicating that the user is leaving the districtís Web page and that they, although screened by the district, do not necessarily approve the linked material


III. Web Page Content

The content of the Web page will be consistent with our goals to keep the public informed of our activities and to aid in the success of our educational program. At the same time every effort will be taken to ensure and protect the privacy of all involved in our school.

A. Use of student pictures or work

Use of student pictures (video or still) and audio clips on the District web page must have a signed parent/guardian approval on file. This includes both individual and group pictures. Web sites/pages must be designed to protect students, families, employees and any other persons from unwanted disclosure of personally identifying information. Web pages may include only the first name and the initial of the studentís last name. Pages or filenames may not include a studentís phone number, address, e-mail address or names of other family members or friends.

Teaching staff or other school personnel may be identified by full name, but other private information may not be used without their specific express permission.

Parental permission must also be given for the use/publication of student work for students at the elementary level. This permission can be obtained on a yearly, rather than a per incident basis. See appendix for form. Student work at the secondary level does not need parental permission to be included on the web site, but rather, written permission by the student.

B. Student Generated Web Sites

In cases where students work with a staff member in the construction and maintenance of a web site/page, the staff member is responsible for ensuring that students have the necessary technical training and that they fully understand and adhere to District policies and regulations.

The Webmaster, Administration, and School Board have the final say in what appears on the web page.

The district reserves the right to remove and/or not post any part of the Web page that it deems to be legally, morally, or ethically inappropriate or any page not in the best interest of the school.

IV. Use of the Le Roy Central School District name by outside sources

Organizations outside the school may use the Le Roy Central School District name with written permission from the Superintendent, BOE, or other designee.

The district will do all that it can to keep its pages clean of viruses, and to be compatible with all major operating systems. However, the district does not accept responsibility if something on the pages causes a viewerís system to crash.

Le Roy Central School District

Web Page

Parent or Guardian Acknowledgement

As the parent or guardian of this student, I give my permission for my childís picture and/or work to be displayed on the District web site (see below). I understand that use of this information is totally voluntary and may be revoked at anytime.


Check all that apply:

_____ I give permission for my childís picture to be included on the District web site.

_____ I give permission for my childís work to be included on the District web site.


Parent or Guardianís Name (please print): ___________________________________________

Parent or Guardian's Signature:   __________________________________________________

Student Name: ______________________________________

Student Grade: ______________________________________

Studentís Teacher: ___________________________________

Date:   ___________________________



Date School Received:  ________________________

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