Technology Training Workshops available to the Le Roy Central School District Faculty and Staff

Offered by the Technology Service Department

Morning sessions 9:00 - 11:30  Afternoon sessions 12:15- 2:30

Online Courses Scanning/Photos Scanning/PDF Video Create a Web Site
Teach to the Future Publisher Higher Order Thinking Advanced Word Custom Workshop

 «Online courses - courses available via the Internet.  You can access them anytime.  Work at your own pace and at your own place.  Instructor supported classes.  Contact other learners via a community bulletin board!

« PowerPoint      « Word       « Excel     « Access

« Scanning and photo manipulation - learn how to save your favorite photographs by way of scanning.  Crop, cut, rotate, sharpen - get the photos ready to place in your presentation or web site.

HS 10/26         WSS 12/16

« Scanning and pdf  creation- Scan your documents, and place them the on the web, allowing you to share these with your students to assist with instruction.  Provide students with digital documentation and templates that they can manipulate for assignments.  Users will have access to your documents with no alterations allowed!

HS 11/30        WSS 12/09

«Videos on Demand - Looking for that 2 minute video clip that truly illustrates the concept or topic you are trying to address without losing valuable class time fast forwarding?  Wish that you could provide all of your students with enrichment materials that they could access from their home computers?  Well now you can.   Video streaming technology makes it possible to access video clips, right from the Internet.  Teachers can show the clips through their classroom computer, develop online quizzes for their students, and set up class sets so that students can access these clips from any computer. 

This workshop will provide you with access to the programs that we have available. Workshop time will be spent learning how to use this service, as well as reviewing available titles.

HS  11/09    WSS 11/4

« The 5 minute web site - Class web sites are an excellent way to maintain communication with both your students and home.  Would you like to have a web presence, but don’t have the time to spend developing a comprehensive site?  Find out how you can use The Teacher Toolbox  to develop a web site where you can list assignments, policies, and classroom procedures.  All in a short amount of time!

HS  11/16    WSS 12/02

« Microsoft Publisher - allows you to easily create, customize, publish materials such as newsletters, brochures, flyers, banner, posters and much more!  This user friendly program contains many templates, which allow you to create a publication with no fuss.

HS  10/19  WSS 10/28

«Teach Your Students HOTS! (Higher Order Thinking Skills) - Find out how technology can be used to facilitate critical thinking, problem solving, and analysis.  Attendees will learn how to design assignments and ask questions to help students develop these essential skills.


« Advanced Word Editing - MS Word has a variety of functions which help file sharing and editing. Learn how to use the Track Changes and Advanced comment features to provide students with meaningful electronic feedback.

HS  11/02

« Make Your Own - Have an idea for a workshop but don't see it listed?  Let us know what you want to learn how to do and we'll set up a time to teach you.  It's that easy!

« Teach to the Future - Back by popular demand! 

Intel® Teach to the Future program provides a hands-on, face-to-face professional development opportunity for teachers to create digital lesson plans, aligned to state and national standards.  As you work through the curriculum, you create unit portfolios that include a sample student multimedia presentation, web site, and publication as well as evaluation tools to assess the learning, student support and management documents, and an implementation plan. You will walk away from the training with a finished product that you can use with your students the very next day! The goal is to prepare today’s teachers and students for tomorrow’s demands.


« Individual 1:1 training for your specific needs at you convenience! During your planning period, hall duty, lunch, before or after school. 



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