2002-2003 Reading Recovery Training Class

Class Dates, Topics, and Tentative BTG Schedule

*Since this is a graduate level course, if your school is closed, that doesn’t necessarily mean that our class is cancelled.  SUNY Brockport may close and our class may still be held.  A phone tree will be established and you will get a call if class is cancelled.

Class attendance is critical to becoming certified as a Reading Recovery teacher.  If you must miss a class due to illness or a family matter please call the Teacher Leader and make arrangements for a colleague to collect materials and take notes for you.  After two sessions are missed, special assignments will be given to make up for the missed sessions.  Tardiness will not be tolerated.    

Class Time for First Semester:  4:00 – 8:00

Class Time for Second Semester:  4:00 – 7:00

Assessment Training August 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, and 21

          First Semester

Session 1:          September 3                    Selection of Students

                                                          Roaming Around the Known

Session 2:          September 10                    Roaming Around the Known-BTG

                                                          Moving into Instruction


Session 3:          September 17             Moving into Instruction


Session 4:          September 24            Preparing for BTG

                                                          Record Keeping

                                                          Early Lessons

Session 5:          October 1                  Teacher Leader – BTG

                                                          Early Lessons


Session 6:          October 8                  Trained Teacher – BTG

Early Learning Gains

                                                          Learning to Look at Print

Session 7:          October 15                Hearing and Recording Sounds

                                                          Selecting Books

Session 8:          October 22                BTG


Session 9:    October 29                         BTG


Session 10:          November 5                  Teaching for Strategies


Session 11:          November 12                    BTG


Session 12:          November 19            Book Selection

                                                          New Book Orientation


Session 13:          November 26                    BTG

Selecting Teaching Point


Session 14:          December 3             Writing Analysis

                                                          Making and Breaking

                                                          Phrasing in Fluent Reading


Session 15:          December 10                    BTG


Session 16:   December 17                    Share New Book Analysis



Second Semester



          Session 17:          January 7                       Taking Words Apart


          Session 18:          January 14                     BTG


          Session 19:          January 21                     Web-Based Data Submission


Session 20:          January 28                     BTG

                                                          Searching for Further Visual



          Session 21:          February 4                     BTG


          Session 22:  February 11                      Discontinuing



Session 23:          February 25                             BTG

                                                                   A Review of Roaming Around

                                                                   The Known


          Session 24:  March 4                           Making Instructional Decisions

                                                                   Procedural Points to Ponder


          Session 25:  March 11                          BTG


          Session 26:  March 18                        Fine Tuning Making and


                                                                   Phrasing in Fluent Reading

                                                                   Supportive NBO’s


          Session 27:            March 25                         BTG


          Session 28:  April 1                            BTG


          Session 29:  April 8                           Good Book Choices

                                                                   Finalizing Records


          Session 30:  April 29                         BTG

Annual Building Reports


Session 31:  May 6          Self-Control VS. Self-Regulatory Behaviors


Session 32: May 13          End of the Year Procedures

* May 20 – Make Up Session if class had to be cancelled due to weather.

          Session 33:   June 19                          Records Day 1-3

                                                                   Certification Ceremony 3:30 - 5                                                                    

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